From Runoff to Rivers

The From Runoff to Rivers Project is a water quality issues and actions program that is offered to the community in four 15-minute educational videos. The videos, which are available to science teachers, youth organizations, and the general public, aim to result in positive impacts on public health and the reduction of stormwater pollution in Kansas City metro communities. These videos were funded by a KC Water Service Stormwater Education Grant awarded to Friends of Kaw Point Park.

How are you connected to the water you use every day?

“Dive into” fun, hands-on activities that will teach you about water quality in our watersheds and will inspire you to help improve water quality at home and in the community

This event is open to families and friends of all ages

and will be held rain or shine

                         Date:            October 15, 2022

                     Place:          Kaw Point Park

                                                                                   (1401 Fairfax Trafficway, KCK)

                     Time:           9 am – Noon*

         9:00-9:30: Water quality introduction

         9:30-10:30: Hands-on water testing and identifying water bugs

         10:30-11:00: Improving water quality at home and in the community

         *11:00-12:00: Optional Park tour and project participation

For more information, please contact Kate Delehunt:

Video Lesson 1Video Lesson 2Video Lesson 3Video Lesson 4
Introduction to Watersheds and Best Management Practices (BMPs)

This video explains the From Runoff to Rivers program, introduces the concept of watersheds, and encourages viewers to determine in which KCMO watershed they are located.  It discusses how impervious surfaces, non-point source pollution, and other human activities contribute to water quality problems and how these problems become larger issues, as well as introducing the concept of BMPs and how they are used to mitigate water quality issues.

Field Experience Demonstrating Water Quality Tests on a KCMO Stream

Includes an introduction to the EarthEco Water Challenge water testing kits. Kits may be ordered for around $25, or request to check one out from Friends of Kaw Point Park by contacting  The EarthEco Water Challenge kit includes supplies, instructions, and a data collection sheet for air and water temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, phosphate, nitrogen, and pH tests.  The video demonstrates how to conduct and record results of each water quality test provided in the kit.  Watch the video again as needed before and during testing. The video also includes suggestions for choosing a testing site as well as a discussion of testing safety protocols. All parties that borrow a kit will be asked to fill out a feedback form and turn in the results of their tests when they return their kit.

Field Experience Demonstrating Seining for and Identifying Macroinvertebrates

Learn about macroinvertebrates and why they are used as an indicator of the health of a water body. This video includes a demonstration of how to use a small D-net in a KCMO water body and how to identify any macros that are caught in the process. It also highlights macros that might be found in the KCMO area, shows species from the three classifications of macros (sensitive to pollution, somewhat sensitive to pollution, and tolerant of pollution), and demonstrates how to calculate the overall water quality score based on the macros found in a tested stream. For those interested in participating in macroinvertebrate seining and identification, a small D-net can be included with borrowed EarthEco Water Challenge kits by request.

Meaning of Data and Call to Action

In this video, example data collected in videos 2 and 3 are explained and given a water quality score. If viewers have done their own water quality testing, they will be able to use this information to score their own tests. All participants should provide the results of their water quality tests to FOKPP. This video also focuses on water quality BMPs that viewers might choose to undertake, i.e., planting rain gardens, installing rain barrels, planting native plant species and trees, extending downspouts to grassy areas, disposing of hazardous waste properly, applying lawn chemicals properly, picking up pet waste, using a commercial car wash, and not littering.

Contact Laura Calwell, Education Director, at 913-963-3460 or via email if you have questions about this project.

Suggested testing sites:

For safety, please only test water when it has not rained in several days and the creek is flowing at low levels. Sites NOT appropriate for seining for macros are noted with **.

Locations north of the Missouri River
Line Creek to the east of the Line Creek Community Center, 5940 NW Waukomis Dr. Drive east of the Community Center to the creek. There is a small parking lot before you get to the creek. Walk across the low water bridge. At low water there is a rock bar on the east side of the creek just below the low water bridge.

Shoal Creek at the Hodge Park Athletic Field just south of N. Shoal Creek Parkway and Reinking Road. The test site is below the bridge over N. Shoal Creek Parkway so it is about a block walk on the hike/bike trail from the parking area.

Zajic Lake at Englewood Park at 1043 NE Englewood Dr. Access is more gentle on the northeast side of the lake.

Buckeye Creek at 3701 N. Jackson across from Choteau Elementary School. Jackson turns into a narrow dirt road with a pull off for one car. Access to the Buckeye Creek is on the east side of the hike/bike bridge.

Penguin Park Lake across form Lakeview Elementary School at 46th and N Norton. Access is best in the middle area of bank on the west side of the lake.

Locations in central KCMO
Bio-retention Pond at 81st and Troost

Lake of the Woods in Swope Park at East Gregory and Oldham Rd.

Brush Creek behind the Brush Creek Community Center at 3801 Brush Creek Blvd.

Loose Park Pond in Loose Park at 53rd and Wornall. **

Troost Lake at Troost Lake Park at 29th and the Paseo

Brush Creek at Theis Park at 4801 Rockhill Rd.

Locations in south KCMO

Loose Park Pond in Loose Park at 53rd and Wornall. **

Troost Lake at Troost Lake Park at 29th and the Paseo

Brush Creek at Theis Park at 4801 Rockhill Rd.

Locations in east KCMO

Longview Lake at Raytown Rd. and Longview Rd.

Little Blue River at Lee’s summit Rd.

Cave Springs at Gregory and Blue Ridge Blvd.

Locations in Johnson County

Clear Creek south of Monticello Trail Middle School, 6100 Monticello Rd, Shawnee, KS 66226. Take bike/hike trail to the south, it will curve around the creek.  When you are almost out of the treed area take the dirt path to your left.  Path will take you to a nice gravel bar next to the creek.

Turkey Creek at Merriam Marketplace, 5740 Merriam Drive, Merriam, KS 66203.  Go west of the Marketplace and over the bridge to the west side of Turkey Creek.  Access the creek where ever the bank is not to steep.

Antioch Park lakes at 6501 Antioch Rd, Merriam KS 66202.

Mill Creek at Little Mill Creek North Park at W 79th St & Cottonwood St, Lenexa, KS 66216. Go west from the parking lot to Mill Creek.

Locations in Wyandotte County

Big Eleven Lake at N 11th St. and State Ave. in Kansas City, KS.

Wyandotte County Lake at 91st St. and Leavenworth Rd. Easy access to water is in front of the Beach Shelter House.